Director of BOAT (NR) has been designated as Regional Central Apprenticeship Adviser by Central Apprenticeship Council, DGE & T, Ministry of labour, Govt. of India, New Delhi. Similarly Dy. Director has been designated as Dy. Central Apprenticeship Adviser and Assistant Directors as Asst. Central Apprenticeship Adviser. These officers visit establishments and collect information about Technical Manpower available in respective subject fields. Seats are allotted based on these figures and availability of training facilities and a notice is issued Section 8.(3-A) directing the industry for recruitment of apprentices within one month's time.




The seats allotted by this board, are required to be filled through any source; either by contacting technical and vocational institutions of nearby area or releasing advertisement in newspapers or by approaching this board for list of candidates.



  Following are the eligibilities for students to be recruited for apprenticeship training:


Minimum age for engaging an apprentice is 14 years whereas there is no upper age limit.

i.) In case of Degree/Diploma, the student must have passed any subject out of the designated subject fields listed in Annexures A. In case there is difference in the subject fields, this board must be consulted atleast on phone/fax for eligibility before recruiting the student as apprentice.

  ii.) In case of 10+2 vocational students, he/she must have passed the subjects enlisted in Annexure B under vocational stream only. Students passed from general stream are not eligible for apprenticeship training. (Please also see guidelines of Annexure B)
c) The apprenticeship training is for freshers only. Those who passed the course before three years are not eligible for apprenticeship training. In other Words, the gap between the date of declaration of results and date of recruitment should not be more than three years.




The apprentice must be asked to maintain work diary, showing details of day to day work done by him/ her. This must be signed by the Incharge Training weekly.


The employer is expected to maintain record of the work done by the apprentice and the progress should be intimated to BOAT in form APP 6 quarterly alongwith the claim bill.




There is no test conducted by this board on completion of training. This board issues a Proficiency Certificate to apprentice on demand.



Following ten periodical returns must be submitted to this board timely:
a) As soon as student is recruited, a two page contract form (Annexure C) has to be filled by the apprentice and the employer, and sent to this board for registration within 30 days, enclosing (I) final year marksheet and (ii) a declaration on the reverse of the contract form if the gap between the date of declaration of result and date of recruitment is less than one year or an affidavit on stamp paper duly attested by Magistrate/Notary in case the gap is more than one year upto 3 years.
b) Claim bills must be sent quarterly, half-yearly or in the prescribed form within 3 months from date of completion of training accompanied with Progress Report in APP 6 for each quarter separately and Employment Information (Annexure D) in respect of each apprentice alongwith final claim. If the apprentice is found below average, the claim will not be reimbursed by this Board.



Some technical institutions are conducting sandwich courses for degree & diploma engineering students. All establishments are required to recruit Students of these sandwich courses for 2-3 semesters for a total duration of 48 to 52 weeks in 2-3 spells when requested by these institutions or directed by this board. Contracts of these apprentices are also to be submitted to this board for registration as mentioned in para 6(a) above. Before accepting the contract paper from the industries, a College bonafide certificate must be obtained and submitted alongwith registration card.