शिक्षुता प्रशिक्षण बोर्ड (उत्तरी क्षेत्र)
शिक्षा मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार
Ministry of Education, Government of India
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Guidelines For Establishments


Information for Establishments where Engineering Graduates, Technician & Technician (Vocational) Apprentice are engaged under the Apprentice Act 1961 amended by the Apprentices (Amendment) Act 1973 & 1986.

Selection & Placement Of Apprentice

  1. Establishment/Employers are required to engage specified number of Engineering Graduate, Technician (Diploma Holder) & Technician (Vocational) Apprentices as notified by the Board’s office. The required number of Apprentice must be in position always.

  2. The period of Apprenticeship for each Apprentice being one year, a fresh batch of Apprentices must be engaged every year. Their results are declared from Technical institutions sometimes in June/July. The scheme year is assumed to start on 1st Aug every year.

  3. The employers can engage an Apprentice who is qualified as per the provisions of the Act by making their own arrangements for selection. However, it is suggested that they associate in the interviews/selections arranged by the Board to avoid delay in fulfilling their obligation.

  4. The Board sends application forms to all the Technical Institutions for use by freshly passed out student desirous of training under the Act interviews are arranged at various centers where employers desirous of associations in the selections are invited. In a large number of cases the employers desire that the Board should select Apprentices on their behalf and direct them to report to the establishments. In this coordinated manner placement takes place expeditiously and training places are offered to all candidates.

Bio - Data Of Apprentice & Contract Of Apprenticeship

  1. Complete Bio-data of the Apprentice engaged should be sent to the Board’s Office in form Apprenticeship Contract – Registration Card within 10 days of engagement of the Apprentice (Rule 14.9 of Apprenticeship Amended Rules 1992). However, it is in the interest of employers that the Apprenticeship Contract is registered immediately on engaging the Apprentice, because Central Government share of stipend will be eimbursed only when the contract is registered.

  2. Programme of Apprenticeship training should be prepared for each Apprentice engaged and get approved form the Board. The programme should include the period of Apprentice will spend in each section / department and the persons with whom he will be attached during this period. A record of the work done undertaken by the Apprentices (Rule 14.10 of Apprenticeship Amended Rules 1992). Shall be maintained by the employer.

  3. Quarterly progress report on Form APP – 6 in respect of each Apprentice should be sent to the office of the Board (Rule 14.10 of Apprenticeship Amended Rules - 1992)

Stipend Paid To Apprentice

  1. Minimum rates of stipend payable to Graduate or Technician (Diploma Holder) or Technician (Vocational) Apprentices (w.e.f. 23-12-2014) are: (Rules 11.2 of Apprenticeship Amended Rules 1992.)

Engineering Graduates (Post Institutional training) Rs. 4984/= per month.

Technician Apprentices (Post Institutional Training) Rs. 3542/= per month.

Sandwich Course Students (From Degree Institutions) Rs. 3542/= per month.

Sandwich Course Students (From Diploma Institutions) Rs. 2890/= per month.

Technician (Vocational) Product of (10+2) Vocational Education Rs. 2758/= per month.

  1. The Apprentices should be paid stipend in full before the 10th day of the following month and 50% of the minimum amount as Central Govt. share of stipend should be claimed from the Board at the end of each quarter. The claim for reimbursement should be sent in triplicate on the prescribed proforma available in the office of the Board.

Leave Due To Apprentices

  1. Apprentices will be entitled to following kinds of leave totaling 37 days in a year. If the establishment has proper leave rules with entitlements more than this number, then the leave rules of the establishment will be followed:
  2. Casual Leave

    1. Casual leave shall be admissible for a maximum period of twelve days in a year.

    Medical Leave

    1. Medical leave upto fifteen days for each year of training may be granted to the apprentice who is unable to attend duty owing to illness. The unused leave shall be allowed to accumulate upto a maximum of forty days.
    2. Extra ordinary leave upto a maximum of 10 days in a year without stipend after the entire casual or medical leave has been exhausted and the employer is satisfied with genuineness of grounds on which extra ordinary leave is applied for.

    3. A female apprentice with one surviving child may be granted maternity leave for a period of 90 days from the date of its commencement without payment of stipend and the appenticeship training period shall be extended accordingly. The monthly stipend shall be paid to the apprentice during such extended period.

    Release From Training

    1. Even though there is a provision for payment of compensation for termination of contract before completion of training period of one year, if all parties agree then no compensation is to be paid by any party. Also in cases where employment is not guaranteed after training, in the event of getting a suitable employment, the Apprentice may be released before completion of training period and recovery of compensation may be waived, the matter should be referred by the Board.
    2. The employer should intimate the exact date of release of each Apprentice and settle the accounts immediately after the Apprentice is released.
    3. There is no guarantee of employment after training period of one year. However, employers are requested to give preference to the Apprentice while filling regular posts. At the end of the training period Board office may be informed if the Apprentices are offered regular employment.
    4. Proforma of Apprenticeship Contract – Registration Card (App-5), Progress report (APP-6), Re- imbursement of Govt. share of stipend are given in the Apprenticeship Rules 1992. However, these copies may be obtained from the office of the Board or can be downloaded from this portal also.
    5. For further details, Apprentice Act – 1961 and Apprenticeship Rules 1992 as amended from time to time may be referred. (These are priced publications available with Law Book Publishers/Dealers)